Depression: The Silent Epidemic In Africa

Depression is the most prevalent mental illness in the world. In African countries, an estimated 100 million people suffer from clinical depression, including 66 million women.   The World Bank considers it “the greatest thief of productive economic life”   Depression is a silent epidemic. The majority of African women don’t have access to mental […]

PowerAfrika Labs Sustainable Housing Webinar Part 2

A case for Zimbabwe’s land barons Prefabricated housing – using digital technology and prefabrication as new tools 🛠 🧰 ⚒️ to modernise Africa’s housing construction Using timber as a primary construction material in Zimbabwe by 1) Standardisation of timber and 2) Increase supply Capacity building for construction companies by Developmental Financial Institutions Africa Free Continental […]

PowerAfrika Labs Sustainable Housing Webinar Part 1: Introduction

By 2030, two thirds of the world population (5 billion people) is expected to live in cities. Rapid urbanization has brought enormous challenges, growing numbers of slum dwellers, increased air pollution, inadequate basic services and infrastructure, and unplanned urban sprawl, which also make cities more vulnerable to disasters. Making cities safe and sustainable means ensuring access to safe and affordable housing, investment in public transport, creating green public spaces, and improving urban planning and management in a participatory and inclusive manner.