Depression is the most prevalent mental illness in the world.

In African countries, an estimated 100 million people suffer from clinical depression, including 66 million women.


The World Bank considers it “the greatest thief of productive economic life”


Depression is a silent epidemic. The majority of African women don’t have access to mental health services.

While Most African governments devote less than 1% of their budgets to mental health services as mental health workers are forced to carry this burden.

One of the biggest problems is the ignorance that comes mental health. Rather than looking at it as an individual problem, its wide-reaching impacts must be looked at beyond the individual experience.

In countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia Kenya and more, with high rates of domestic violence, women’s impaired functions in day-to-day life creates hardships and challenges.


Men too who suffer from mental illnesses have wide reaching effects as they are unable to perform their social responsibilities.



Nomvuyo Twala:


What you can do:


Be Active

Take notice



Focus on wellness


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